Monday, 31 May 2010

and again

happy memorial day!

i started my day off by re-doing another tank.
another tank from target.
this time on sale for only $2.50
and i got my extra fabric from a dress that my sister no longer wanted.

heres the tank before..
i then cut out a piece of fabric the width i wanted it.
i pinned the strip of fabric to the tank then started to sew.

i did a random design down the side of the tank, it turned out looking great.
once i finished with that part, it wasnt enough so i added little fabric squares.
how to make fabric squares:

1. cut out a square with rounded edges however big you'd like

2. fold the square, corner to corner

3. fold the piece in half, once again

4. then squish the folded fabric so that its flat and kind of looks like a flower

5. either hand sew or use a sewing machine in the middle of the squished fabric square so that it is in tact. 
i then hand sewed the little square flowers to the tank where i wanted them.

here is the ending result.

i love it.
the bright colors are perfect.

for some reason i've been obsessed with tank tops lately..
maybe its because i can find them really cheap.
oh well, i hope you guys enjoyed this one! 

Sunday, 30 May 2010


land and i are back.
back early.
we loved being with the fam.
and loved the day time sun
i have a sun burn for proof
but we definitely didnt love the sleeping arrangment.
and the cold cold cold nights.
no thank you.

i guess i am a little bit of an "LA girl" like landon always says.
i need my comfy bed.
my air conditioned or heated room.
whatever the case may be
nice warm water.
and a roof over my head.

oh well, landon wanted to leave just as much as i did.
but like i said, we loved spending time with the family.
that was a great time.
for now, i dont have pictures to show so i'll post about the camping details later.

today on the other hand.
we went and saw my little nephew kieran in the hospital.
he has a bad case of Osteomyelitis.
ahh that poor kid has gone through a lot but still manages to be the cutest little guy in town.
on the plus side, he is going to heal.
and heal quickly..we hope.

in the mean time enjoy this picture wrap up of the evening.
we are all praying for a fast and easy recovery.

how to

how to:
re-vamp a tank
not to mention in ten minutes.
for $8.00

go to your local target.
or whatever store you would like 
find any tank or T. 
in my case i got this black tank on sale for around $5.00

go to your local thrift store.
look around for some lace, mine was in the linens section.
i got about 2 yards of lace for $1.60

cut the lace out however wide you would like the ruffle to become.
once you have it cut out, pull out your sewing machine.

sew about 5/8 from the edge straight down to the bottom of the piece of lace. 
 it should look like this:

take one of the strings and pull it so that it puckers up.

pin the lace to the tank around the neck line then sew. 
try to follow the same sew line from when you puckered it.
it will look cleaner.
wahlah! you are finished.
a plain tank turned in to a very cute shabby chic tank.

i definitely love mine.
and for only $8 bucks?
what a steal!

Friday, 28 May 2010

gone campin'

after work tonight landon's family and i are going camping over the weekend.
i am not much of a camper but am definitely excited to spend time with his family.
hopefully there will be lots of sun.
and good memories.

i hope you all have a great weekend!
and when i get back i have a how to to show all of you.
and of course pictures to show from the camp-out.



i have obviously been having a hard time lately.
a while back i re-did another shirt for one of my gf's birthday.
i have pictures of before and after.
but again, no during.
what the heck?
oh well.
i'm just going to post about it anyways.

i got the shirt at target, of course.
a $12 find.
it was a long sleeved bow neck T.
and had a mix of gray, white and black.
you'll see in the picture.


& upclose:

if you ever have a boring shirt, do something easy like this.
or add a random piece of patterned or colored fabric to make it pop a little more.

Thursday, 27 May 2010


i went to target last night and found this cute tank for $8.
simple, perfect & cheap.
target always seems to satisfy my cheap wantings.

i was a little dumb and didnt take any pictures before or during.
so now all i have is an after.
here it is..

it was super easy. 
i will make another one and actually take how to pics.

another thing..
today was my 2nd day on the new nanny job.
i love it.
the family is super nice.
the kids are fun.
i couldnt be happier!
i will definitely do a whole post about the job later.
and once i do one post about my nanny experience..i'm sure i'll do many others.

happy thursday! 
and from now on, thursdays are dedicated as SYTYCD days.
(so you think you can dance)
if you dont watch it, you should. 

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

feelin good.

i got a call last night.
on my parents house phone.
no one ever calls me on my parents house phone.
i answer it and hang up with a huge grin on my face.
ahh life is good.

i have been looking for a nanny job for about the last year of my life.
with only being 19, not graduated from byu college, no nanny experience.
its hard.
especially in utah.

this phone call totally changed that.
i'll be working from 2-6 or 3-7 m-f.
only 20 hours?
who cares!
i already have a job in the mornings.
but this new job is one that i cant wait to start.

they live literally 2 minutes away from my house.
and i will get to become some childrens best friend.
at least i hope.

i had a dream last night that the mother of the children i'll be nannying looks just like my sister and i.
who would've thought?
ha, i guess we'll see.

i have never met her.
(atleast i dont think)
but am going to today.
i am looking forward to it.

it made me realize that i really am lucky.
remember my last post.
yeah, the one about dogs.
well this was seriously an answer to my obsession.
i'll be working pretty much full time if we include the job i already have.
which means no time for puppy lovin.
except in the evenings but i wouldnt want to do that to my pup.
one day i'll get a dog.
one day.

i am so happy about life right now.
wish me luck!

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

a litte bragging

arent they just the cutest?
i feel like i have the right to brag about them.

these are my 3 beans.
better known as nieces and nephew.
they really are my life.
isnt it funny how little kids just brighten up your life?
just by their sweet smiles.
or their funny comments.
 their first step or even their first "goo."
ah i love them. 
i love watching them grow.
 & am so happy to be their aunt.
even though they may drive me crazy at times i would never trade them for anyone or anything :)

Monday, 24 May 2010

couldnt resist

this morning i wake up to a minor head ache.
just got over a dream about living in a twisted fantasy world.
thinking to myself, why does 7:15 have to come so early?

20 minutes later i receive a text from my beauty of a sis.
"what the "H" is going on with the snow?!!! I think that the 2nd ice age is happening. i'm going to throw up! its almost june!"

i looked out the window and sure enough, it was snowing.
not only just little snow, it was a down pour.
what is going on?
it really made me want to cry.
i guess mother nature has defeated me once again.
i'm sure i'm not the only one that feels this way though.

i pray that the weather will shape up.
wish us utahn's luck.

i guess my blog should be about the daily weather or something but i guess thats what i get for living in utah.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

mental notes

i have been thinking a lot about things lately. 
things that i want to focus on the week of..
{may 24-29 2010}
-talking my self out of buying a dog
-my future
-needs over wants

let me focus on bullet number 3..
i have been wanting a dog for quite some time now but knew that it would never work out.

reasons for it not working out.
 1-i live at my parents house for the summer
2- i have to work
3-i would have to go through the whole training process which means most likely no sleep.
4-finding a place to live after summer would be a lot harder with a dog

reasons why it would work out
1-i would always have someone
2-once landon leaves, it will be a good way to cope
3-a good way to have more responsibility
4-it would keep me balanced
5-it would complete me...i'm serious.

i feel like the reasons why it would work out, out-weigh the reasons why it wouldnt.
do you agree with me?
and to make it even harder on myself i convinced landon to take me to the pet store yesterday. 
i saw the cutest little morkie.
half maltese, half yorkie.
it was all by itself in its little cage.
and literally was smaller then a can of diet pepsi.
my heart throbs for this little one.
i cant stop thinking about it.
why did i have to do that to myself?
i plan on going back to see it tomorrow.

ahhh please help me to settle this obsession. 
either give me the dog, or let me forget.

why do we have to make such decisions like this in life?

oh and i know i have a lot of bold letters in this post.
i feel very strongly about this situation.

good night all.


Saturday, 22 May 2010

today i

went to the book store.
i read lots of interior design books.
just for a little inspirations. 
some of my favorite books are the ones with pictures.

i guess books have caught my interest with in the last couple of days. 
i might just be trying to reel my way from the tube because all of my shows are over for the season. 
and today i thought instead of going to buy books, i'd just stay there and read them. 
its a good way to take up some free time
& very enjoyable. 

i just started reading a second book, catching fire. 
so far so good! 
i am reading 2 books at once..thats kind of a shocker for me.
as long as i'm entertained, thats all that matters :)

whats one of your favorite books to read?


Friday, 21 May 2010

the past.

in my last post i said i would put up a picture of my sister and i wearing ladybug outfits.
since i had to go through all of our old pictures i decided i would post a few that stood out to me. 
here they are..
from the left: mckenzie, ali and me 
my 2 best friends. oh the memories we had together. we were best friends for years. i still love them!

 1994-my sister brie and i
okay so here is the picture of the ladybug out fit. back then it was cute but now..i'm not a big fan. the picture still is great though. oh and the sandals with socks? the best ;)

 1997-my 2 best friends ali, mckenzie and i again 
i love this picture because it has so many memories. it was taken at my parents house which looks totally different now. we were playing dress up and guess what? i still have them!

2000-my mom and i in cayman islands
my family and i have been going to cayman every year for the last 14 years of my life. we have so so so many memories there. its like my second home.

i love looking at old pictures.
i really loved my child hood.
i had the greatest best friends in the world
the greatest times.

sometimes i wish i could go back in time so that i can re-live those fun memories. 
do you ever feel that way? 


today i decided i would blog early.
maybe i'll have 2 posts today?
i wanted to do another fill in the blank.
i really like the theme via this blog.

here we go..

1. One fashion trend I really regret is the patterened 2 piece. where the shorts matched the shirt perfectly. i have a picture of my sister and i wearing outfits like that with ladybugs. i'll post it on here later. you'll probably get a kick out of it.

2. The one thing that always completes any outfit is  either the shoes or the jewelry. i love both. if i have an outfit that isnt very "creative" then i'll add some bright shoes to make it pop. or if the outfit is showing a lot of skin i'll put on some pretty jewelry.

3. I would describe my personal style as indie or shabby chic. i like to mix my outfits up. i dont really care about matching a ton, as long as i can tell that it looks good. i will put stripes and dots together, browns and blacks. it all looks good to me!

4. My fashion muse is..i dont really have a "fashion muse" but if i had to choose it would probably be whitney port. i love her fashion line. i think she is so dang cute and always looks good in whatever she wears. i would take her wardrobe in a split second.

5. If I could own one designer piece of clothing it would be um this one is kind of tough. i dont really care about having designer clothes. i guess if i had to choose one it would probably be a dress of some sort. i dont know from what designer or anything but i always enjoy a nice dress.

6. I would love to raid the wardrobe of whitney port of course :) i just told you guys that. or maybe even zooey dechanels. her wardrobe would probably be a blast to go through.

7. Today I am wearing a blue and purple floral skirt from forever 21, a gray swoop neck bow T from nordstrom, a gray cardigan from who-knows-where and white and blue striped baby doll strap shoes from urban.

i would love to hear your guys' opinions on these questions.
fashion is definitely my forte'.
what i love most about it is that it makes each individual person.
sometimes you can tell a persons personality just by what they are wearing. 
i'm always keeping my eye out for new looks.
especially cheap ones!

happy friday everyone!  

Thursday, 20 May 2010

la cobra

this morning mr landon talked me in to doing one of his P90X workouts with him.
of course i complained about it at first but i settled for the easiest..

that freaking yoga work out is an hour and thirty minutes long! 
do you think i last that long? 
no way.
try more like 20 minutes. 
but hey, i have to give myself credit for actually getting up to do it.
i would've much rather been watching the tube and eating breakfast.

while landon was working his bum off i decided to take a picture of him. 
just to make myself feel a little better about my burning limbs.
some people call this pose the cobra.
sounds fierce huh?
i will strive to one day be like those heavy duty yogies or even just people that go to yoga at the the gym for fun.

maybe next time i'll challenge myself to 25 minutes.


Wednesday, 19 May 2010


today i've been thinking about time. 
time goes by so much faster as each year goes by. 
when i was little i swear christmas took years to come, now, it seems like it comes too fast. 
i swear it was just yesterday that my first niece was born.
that i was graduating from high school.
i guess having time fly by is a good thing. 
i get to watch the beans in my family grow.
which results in today's trip to my oldest niece beatrix's new preschool.

"are you coming with me to my new school?" 
bebe is really excited about her new school.
it was one of the cutest preschools i've ever been to.
i had to snap a picture of her in front of a huge tree in the middle of it all.

next thing i know i'll be married with 4 kids..

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

just thoughts

 as i write this i sit on the couch watching toddlers and tiaras.
sometimes i think this show is totally obsurd. 
right now is one of those times.
5 year old gals with fake hair, make-up and spray tans?
 sometimes i think its just the parents sulking in their old age. 
maybe not? i dont know. 
kudos to those who do enjoy it though.
today i went and got a new book.
now, i am definitely not an avid reader. 
the only time i actually read a book is when i'm on vacation.
this time is an exception.

i have been watching the first season of vampire diaries
i think i can come to the fact that i may be a little obsessed. 
you should watch it.
the people in the show are ridiculously good looking.
its everything that the twilight movies are missing.
i can almost promise that you'll agree with me. 

i found out recently that the show actually started from books. 
to the book store i went. 
i am going to start reading it tonight. 
i'm crossing my fingers that it will be as good as the show. 
or vice versa

 happy rainy day to you all!


Monday, 17 May 2010

i lied.

i know i said i would post about another piece of furniture i re-did
the truth is, i never finished it. 
i thought i'd do it yesterday but i was too busy.
and this morning i thought that maybe i'd finish it today but i still havent gotten around to it. 
when i do finish it, i will post about it. 
i promise. 

on the other hand, its been extremely warm today.
even with the clouds.
i smell summer. 
its right around the corner, i can tell.
even if mother nature feels like it should snow in june, i must oppose.

bring it on mother nature. 
bring. it. on.


Saturday, 15 May 2010

re-vamp numero dos

first let me say that i got the updated blogger and can now make my pictures bigger, i am so excited about this! :)
today i finished re-doing a desk.
ahh it turned out so well! 

i forgot to take a picture of the desk before with out the tape but here it is:

 now are you ready for the after? prepare yourself..

and another angle for fun..
i got the wonderful leaf idea via allthingsthrifty.

do you like it?
i am so happy about it. 
and an extra plus..
i'm selling the beauty! 
if you are interested, let me know! 

i also have another piece of furniture i re-did that i'll show you guys tomorrow. 
its equally as cute and easy to do so make sure to look back here.

also also, i love re-doing furniture.
if you need any help or suggestions please let me know.


today i decided to do another fill in the blank.
i got my questions via this blog.
here it goes:

1.  The very best thing about the summer is that it is so relaxing. everyone is so much happier and easy going. all of my stresses or problems seem to slowly fade. i dont care if that really isnt true, i just like to think so.

2.  My first crush ever was when i was in kindergarten. all of us girls liked the same kid. his name was wes, what a hunk. i remember we would play kissing tag all of the time. i dont even think we would actually kiss him once we caught him. after all, we were in kindergarten.

3.  i'm skipping. :)

4.  I squeeze my toothpaste from the middle. i could care less about starting from the end. as long as i'm brushing my teeth and i have toothpaste, thats all i care about.

5.  My absolute favorite "comfort food" is as of late, home made popcorn. its so much better than store bought popcorn and its way healthier.

6.  A random fact about me is that i used to play the harp. i played for 6 years and was getting pretty good. i think i'm going to start pushing myself to start playing again.

7.  The one piece of technology that truly makes my life better and I couldn't live without is definitely my iphone. i know lots of people would probably say that but it really is my side kick. with out it, i wouldnt be able to find my way through town. with out it i wouldnt have half of the pictures i've posted on my blog. there are many more reasons why i couldnt live with out my iphone. ask anyone that owns one and they'd agree with me.

--hope you enjoyed those fun questions.
how would you answer them?