Wednesday, 30 June 2010

all out of words

i really havent had much to blog about lately.
i'm all out of words.
so i'll just tell you that today..
it rained.

i really like warm cloudy days.
its the best when it rains while its warm.
i think i like it because it reminds me of the beach.
particularly in cayman.

cayman has some incredible rain storms.
but whenever it rains, its still steamy hot.
hot enough that you can still be laying out in your swimming suit with out getting cold.

but the rainstorms there are random.
random enough that there will be no cloud in the sky.
you look to your left, you see sun.
you look to your right and you can see a sheet of rain heading your way.
its amazing. 

i am thankful for the amazing things this world holds for us.

Sunday, 27 June 2010


the family went boating this weekend.
i expressed my love for boating here.
i will tell you again that boating is probably on my top 3 fav things to do.
this time it was hot.
and i did get in the water.

heres a tiny recap of the moments.
 & a super short video of land surfing

after boating we were in a hurry to get to kelsey and landons baseball game.
it was my first time ever seeing landon play.
although he was the left fielder and was far away, he had a cute lil' bum in those tight pants.
this was the only picture i could get.

i never would have thought that an adult league would have such immature guys.
i say this because during the game there was a little 'cat' fight.
it was actually quite entertaining.
there was no punching but there was cuss words and helmets thrown against the ground.

words for the men:
common' guys, grow up a little.
but thanks for that entertainment anyways.
sincerely, me.

land and i also went to color me mine.
looove the place.
i cant wait to post a picture of what i did.
i hope its as cute as it was when i left.

overall it was a fun weekend.
summer weekends are the best!
i hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well.

Friday, 25 June 2010


isnt it just amazing?
i talked to my good friend cami thats in argentina via skype.
these days theres nothing holding anyone back from seeing each other.
no matter how far away they are.

it was so fun to talk with her.
i loved hearing her experience.
argentina is her home town.
it had been 9 years since she had seen her dad, cousins, aunts and grandma.
i cant even imagine.

the culture out there is so different then here.
i guess her being out there is my way of feeling like i am there too.

i dont think cam would enjoy this picture much.
she was talking and i didnt want to interrupt.
can you see the reflection of my face on her right? 
ha so funny.

Thursday, 24 June 2010

the wonderful mom and dad i nanny for went out of town for the last 3 days.
what does that mean?
from 2-9 i am mommy/daddy.
not only for just 4 kids but 8.
and want to know something else?
i really enjoyed it.

pick up one from dance then straight to picking up another from little gym.
busy busy busy.
but i think that whats i liked most about it.
my sister said this would be a good dose of birth control..
not like i need it now or anytime soon.
after a while i started feeling really confident about my mommy/daddy skills.
yesterday i let the kids go swimming.
.1 second after i opened the pool they were in.
and .2 second later they were already fighting over whose toy was whose.
maybe i wasnt as good at handling the 7+2 neighbor boys as well as i thought.
so after a little more than an hour i yelled ice cream and that definitely caught their attention.

so today.
i gave in and let them go swimming again.
i called them all in to the kitchen.
i clearly let them know that we had to share all of the toys.
and that if there was any fighting, they would have to get out of the pool.
they could only swim for an hour.
i guess that kind of makes me sound like a big meanie head but i promise i used a sweet tone of voice.

my rules worked wonders.
life was good.
and the oldest gal out of the group and i even got to paint our finger nails.

after swimming time i told everyone to get in the shower.
3 in the master bath.
2 in the master shower.
2 in another shower.
put all of the girls hair in a pony tail+braid
a quick dinner
and off to baseball/softball games we went.

mission accomplished.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010


the best thing about kiddie baseball games:
plain, simple, ice snow cones.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

sweet sensation

there are a few things in my life that i cant get enough of.
one of those things has happened just recently. 
its not a big thing. 
its actually quite worldly.
everyone has something worldly they cant get enough of, right?
mine is boating.
i love everything about it.
the wind in my face.
the water.
ahhh its so sweet.

yesterday evening land and i got to go boating for the first time this summer.
it was cold.
but being on the boat was worth that sacrifice. 
and i wish i would've taken pictures but through bad experiences i was too scared to pull it out.
we saw a beautiful sunset.
and i watched the guys do their best at wake boarding on rough waters.

life is good when you're on a boat.

Sunday, 20 June 2010


{i've realized that by each shirt i make, i find its flaws.
but i know that by its flaws, i'll be able to make it better in the future.}

this tutorial is very easy.

cut the lace as wide and long as you would like it.
pin the first piece of lace on to the shirt.
 sew the first piece of lace on to the shirt.
then, pin the second piece on.

keep repeating steps 1&2 until you are satisfied.

here's my ending result.

i will definitely be adding to it. 
its too plain for me.
but not bad eh?

oh and by the way-
thats the lace i dyed.
it actually isnt quite as dark as i wanted but its definitely darker than the other lace shirts.

happy fathers day!
i have such a great dad.
he has done a lot for my family and i.

for fathers day, i made these

i hope you have a yummy fathers day!

Saturday, 19 June 2010

nothing is better than..

being at the pool.
laying out.
no worries at all.
with all the time in the world.
land and i took my niece ophelia swimming.
last summer she was only 3 months old when we took her swimming.
this year she is 15 months old and has recently acquired a big personality.

she loved the pool.
to her its just like a big bath tub.
splashing, kicking and not to mention drowning.
just kidding.
not really drowning.
but she did go under the water a few times but never cried once.
what a champ.
she was all smiles.

now, me not being an experienced mother showed through.
i didnt put a swim diaper on her.
and this is what happened.

this picture seriously does not do it justice.
i'm sure her diaper weighed a good 5 pounds.
her bum was huge.
bigger than j-lo's for sure.

its memories like these that make my life complete.

Friday, 18 June 2010

goodbyes and french fries

my good friend cami is leaving me for 2 months.
she is going back to her home town in argentina.
yes, a part of me envy's her.
i know she is going to have the time of her life.

in honor of her going away a few of us girls got together and ate some grub at chili's.
i hardly ever see any of my girl friends so it was fun to get together and catch up a little bit.

cam has always been such a great friend to me.
we have the kind of friendship that will last a life time.
i am so thankful that i could have her as such a good friend.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

how to: antique your lace

i have a whole yard and a half of bright white lace.
but as i keep going back and looking at my past projects, that bright white lace isnt making me too proud.

antique items look so much more eclectic and original to me.
so, in 6 easy steps i will teach you what i did to make my lace look antiqued.


cook some all black tea.
when i went to the store to get mine i wasnt paying attention to what type of tea i was getting.
all i was looking for was black tea and cheap.
i ended up coming home with a double spice chai black tea.
which isnt a bad thing at all, it will still work wonders but with an added spice smell.
i definitely wont complain.


 put the lace in the pot, letting it sit for a few minutes.
stirring it around just a little.

take the lace straight from the pot and lay it out to dry.
the longer you let it dry the more the fabric will allow the tea to soak in, making it a permanent stain.
although leaving it a little damp is okay.

once the lace is done air drying, rinse it out until you see no color coming from the lace.

place the lace in the dryer to make it completely dry.

you have now accomplished your goal! 
the antiquing is done!

tomorrow i have a little somethin' somethin' that i'll show you guys that i used my newly antiqued lace on.
happy antiquing!

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

finally, another re-do!

its been a few weeks since i've posted a re-do.
i need to think of a new, creative way to present my things..
i will think.
but in the mean time, i will show you guys what i did today.

here's the before & after

i started off with a black tank.
$3.00 from genX. 

i took some lace from my previous projects and did a simple ruffle.

pin the lace to the shirt. make sure to round it so that you can get that rounded-ness that you're looking for.

now just follow the first rounded lace until you get it the size you want.
after each layer of pinning, sew.
once you are finished, it should look somewhat like this

then i just took a button that was laying around my house and sewed it on.

wah lah!

now, this is not my favorite re-do.
i know i shouldn't pick out the faults but i'm going to anyways.

things i would've done differently:
-i would've dyed the lace a tanish brown color, to make it look more vintage.
-i would've made it more round, instead of lop-sided.
(if that even makes sense)

if you are going to make this tee, try it on before you pin your first piece of lace on.
mark where you want it, then from there mark how rounded you want it to be.

oh well, you live and you learn. 
i hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

days like today


make me happy.

i woke up this morning in a panic.
i thought someone stole my computer.
yes, my imagination goes wild in times that it shouldnt.
but in the end, it was in a spot that i always leave it.

okay treg, get yourself together.

then the day fell where it should.
swimming pool.
with my new swimsuit, if you may.
and coming home to watch this 16 feet of greatness go on.

 i just downloaded this iVidCamFree app on my iphone just a few days ago.
as you can tell, i'm a little obsessed.
it makes me feel a little better about not having a 3Gs.
heck, i pretty much do have a 3Gs now. 
and even though i do hate to hear my voice on camera, i'll suck it up.
these video's are worth it. 

Sunday, 13 June 2010

sunday cookin'

today was my cousin kenzie's mission farewell.
i cant believe this day has already come and almost gone.
time sure does pass by quickly.

 {click on picture to make larger}
 aside from the farewell, land and i made some sugar cookies.
they actually ended up tasting pretty good!
i got the cookie recipe from here
and the icing recipe from here

i actually just googled icing and sugar cookie recipes and those looked like the best ones.
google does us wonders.
thank you.

and for the icing colors: blue & yellow.
creative huh? 
they turned out great though.

heres a larger picture for you guys.

i decided that cooking is a good way of easy, fun entertainment.
i might start doing it more often.

i hope everyone's sunday was grand!

Saturday, 12 June 2010


 today was orem cities winter summer fest.
there was lots of parade-ing.
& firework-ing.
maybe i would've enjoyed it more if the weather would've let me.
rain and wind do not do me good.
but thanks to landons enticing voice, we got lots of candy.
and speaking of his enticing voice..
i hope you enjoy this little tune that landon made up on the way home.
it was about 3 minutes long but, by the time i got to recording it he was almost finished.
okay, now go ahead and turn up your volume.

and that's why i love him.

Friday, 11 June 2010


i dont really enjoy change.
unless its for the better.
but in about 40 days it will all be different.
my life will flip around completely.
for better and for worse.
i cant decide which one.

the more i think about it, the more it freaks me out.
and the more i realize how much these last 40 days actually matter to me.
i cant take any day for granted.

i never realized how golden 40 days could actually be.
i've known about this day for atleast 3 months now.
but didnt realize how fast it would go by.

i know 40 days is still a good month.
it may sound like a long time to you.
but to me, its too short.

i'm pretty sure i can face it.
i will be strong and fight through it.
and i know that in the end, it will all be worth it.

july 21, 2010..
the day my best friend,
the person that means the world to me.
will leave for 2 years.

{i think i can, i think i can}

Thursday, 10 June 2010


i have pink hands.
and i dont even think this picture does them justice.
think electric pink.
yep, they are that pink.

i guess thats what dying a t-shirt pink does.
and i guess thats what i get for not wearing gloves.
its okay though.
me having pink hands is better than landon having pink hands..
after all, the pink shirt is for him.

the more i say pink, the more i think of how weird that word really is.
and now i think i'm done saying the word..can you guess?

if you havent signed up for urban outfitters e-mail alerts, you should.
they send great things.
like free shipping.
all of the time. 
and its made me realize how much i love online shopping.
thats all for now.


Wednesday, 9 June 2010

one day i will..

have my own home.
and with that home i will..

have a room painted head to toe in stripes.

have an all white kitchen

have this bedroom for my little girly

and this one for my little man

have this closet

have this dining room
have a stairwell like this
have a hen house
have a sitting room like this

have this backyard
with this

and thats all..
i will continue to dream big :)

Monday, 7 June 2010

what's finally here?


i cannot express the happiness that i feel right now.
we can finally count on the sun every day.
we can wear shorts.
flip flops.
sun dresses.
and best of all..
we can go swimming!

i've gone swimming 3 days straight and am planning on continuing the tradition ;)
i need to soak up the sun as much as possible. 
my doctor even says i'm lacking in vitamin D..i dont know how that possible because i think i'm in the sun more than anyone but, its fine. 
i can handle being in the sun for the rest of my life.

heres to a great summer everyone! 

Sunday, 6 June 2010

just remembered

the other day my nieces had a photo shoot.
there were about 5 photographers.
and with my niece bebe, attention is her pride and joy.
she loves when its all about her.
once she got in front of those camera's she couldnt get enough.
poses after poses.
never a dull moment.

then theres my niece ophelia.
recently a new walker and was as squirmy as ever.
they could not get her to stay in one spot.

she was in a photo shoot with one of the photographers back when she was around 7 months old.
it was the perfect time because she didnt know how to walk yet so once we placed her where she needed to be, she stayed there.

we had to change things up a bit this time.
loud clapping, noises, anything to get her attention.
it was still very cute though.

in the end, they did great!


i have a bad obsession.
i've always had this obsession.
and today i found one that i couldnt resist.
i am obsessed with..

i ordered this beauty today.
isnt it just adorable?
the turquoise with yellow bows?
how can you resist!?
only 5-10 business days until i receive her.
i cannot wait.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

raw talent

while landon and i were headed to dinner last night we passed this clan.
i wish i would've recorded them.
there were lots of people around watching and listening.
they were a hoot.

the music they were playing was literally raw music.
one had a long piece of skinny, rounded wood with a rope tied from end to end.
she would pluck the string and it would make a deep noise.
it was so neat.
i think its so cool that people come up with these simple, yet amazing talents.
they all had a part.
with out one person, it wouldnt have sounded the same.
and from what i saw, every instrument could've been simply hand made.

it is amazing.

Friday, 4 June 2010

just added

i just added a lot of the blogs i follow on the right of this page.
i havent quite finished adding all of them.
i did realize that i follow a lot of blogs.
and every blog i follow, i love.
seriously, i look at every blog almost every day.
they are so fun and inspiring for me.

i am adding all of the blogs i follow because i think thats the joy of the blogging world.
one blog always leads to another.
and the more blogs, the more fun.

 i hope you enjoy them just as much as i do.


yesterday i started this big long post.
long enough that i didnt finish.
but i have to finish because i really want it to be a part of this blog.
not like any of you will care about it.
but i do plan on someday, turning my blog in to one of those blog scrapbook-book thingys.
and the long post is about an event that i really want in there.
but anywho..

last night land and i went on a hunt.
 $5 or less shirt/tank hunt.

first was tjmaxx.
i have a hard time at those stores.
something about the unorganized jumble bumble going on.

second was target.
nothing good in the sale section.
some pretty cute things for full price but for some reason $12.99 isnt working for me.

third was shopko.
i think yesterday was the 2nd time i have been there in my entire life.
i was disappointed.
which is probably why i dont go there.
their 'juniors' section,
although i'm not a junior but the rest of their clothes were for 'matured ladies'
was itty bitty.
and although everything in the store says sale, it still isnt extremely cheap.
which is totally what i'm looking for.
but..of course there was nothing.

i decided that i'm going to open up a $2.00 store.
full of plain tanks and t's of all different fabrics.
wouldnt that be cool?
i know lots of people would enjoy that.

if you see any great sales out there, or any cheap tanks or t's please let me know.
i would highly appreciate it :)

happy friday!