Monday, 21 February 2011

home made salsa

L and i wanted to experiment in making some home made salsa and let me tell you, making salsa versus buying salsa is way cheaper. 
ingredients may vary on how hot or mild you want your salsa to turn out but what we ended up using was
5 roma tomatoes
1 lime
1 1/4 chili pepper
a small bundle of cilantro
a dash of salt
we didnt use any of the jalapeno because my mouth can only handle so much hotness :)
we placed all of the ingredients in the blender and pulsed it to the consistency we liked. 
 i loved everything about the salsa, it was delicious!
$2 home made salsa .vs. $5 store bought salsa =..pretty much priceless.

Friday, 18 February 2011

Lost Things

watch & love
happy weekend-ing!

Thursday, 17 February 2011

treating myself

no, i did not take that picture but i did, indeed make myself a nice gourmet meal of egged halibut for dinner tonight. 
it was everything and more than delicious.

L left me this weekend for a boys trip to vegas. i figured i might as well have a nice relaxing evening to myself. 
delicious dinner led to a warm lavender bubble bath followed by a soothing galvanic spa treatment.
i will finish off my evening with an episode of american idol & vampire diaries. you bet i love me some vampires.

sometimes nights like these are mandatory for the body. 
give yours time to rejuvenate

ps-i bet L isnt having nearly as good of a time in vegas as i am here at home ;)
miss you babe! 

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

napkin flowers

i found this tutorial from {here} and loved it so much that i must share it. 
i got my napkins from the $1 store but dana says that she got her incredibly cute ones from ikea, i must take the 20 minute drive asap. 

what you need:
napkins and twisty ties, i got mine from a garbage bag box. you could also use string, yarn, fishing line. whatever you have lying around the house.

step numero 1:
unfold and lay your napkins down. i did 4 layers.

step 2:
cut the middle napkins to whatever size you like. be sure to scallop the edges to give it that peddle look.

step 3:
accordion fold the napkins like so.

step 4:
 place the twisty tie in the middle of the folded napkins

step 5:

cut both ends to make them rounded

step 6:
 pull out the corners then take your first layer of napkin and pull up towards the center
 once you have pulled up all of the layers it should look like this then you are finished!
you could also try making little ones.
i think this is such a fun idea for a baby shower or bridal shower. 
cheap and cute! 

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

v-day lovin'

long time no post, blog. 
what a better way to start re-blogging than to talk about my valentines day?
it truly was a lovely one. 

highlights of v-day 2011:
-celebrated L and i's third valentines together
-delicious dinner at los hermanos
-amazing gifts from the mr.
-yummy treats

photo roundup:

what i got him:
i hope you all had a wonderful valentine's day as well.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

guess who's back?

turns out mexico and diabetes dont mix well together.
but believe me, it feels good to have him back.
he keeps me strong. well balanced. standing tall.

he is a good shoulder to lean on.