Monday, 30 August 2010


gossip girl.

is anyone else obsessed with this show?
i just bought the first season last tuesday.
i'm already on the second season.
and plan on finishing the third season before september 13th.
for all you hard core fans, you know thats the season 4 premiere date.

and no, gossip girl isnt the only thing thats happened lately.
a few things that i plan on blogging about in the future may include the celebration of my big 2-0 and a fantastic trip to LP.

but for now GG comes first, blogging comes second.

you know you love me.
xoxo, GG.

;) ;) ;)
**is gossip girl rubbing off on me or what?

Sunday, 22 August 2010

in need of a laugh

ever heard of the iPhone app, fatbooth?

i've only been just a little bit obsessed. 
here are a few of my favorites.
dont they look so realistic?
believe me, it was worth the $1.

Monday, 16 August 2010


its been a long time.
i still dont really have too many interesting things to blog about..
i do have some things in line but i cant post them for a little while.

for now i can tell you how excited i am because..
i just ordered this amazing, ruffly, romantic, lovely, duvet cover {in pink}.
this kate spade iphone case.

oh the joys of shopping

Sunday, 8 August 2010

blogging hasnt been going very smoothly for me.
i think my brain is trying to take a break.
i dont know why.
or for what.
but it really isnt working.

i have about 3 drafted posts that are waiting to be revealed but i cant seem to get myself to do it.
they seem so pointless.
and when i start writing a post, i can never figure out how to keep it going.
then it ends up being about 3 pages long and no one is going to read that.

about 4 months ago i could've posted about anything with out a problem.
whats wrong with me now?
i have plenty of stuff to blog about.

maybe if i give myself a good week with out blogging my brain will be ready.
hmm..i guess.

tata for now.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

gggggooOOOO bob cats!

a week before the team had their first game they had a get together.
it was their first practice and the day they'd come up with a team name.
the coach asked all of the kids what they thought their team name should be.
everyone was silent.
finally, a little girl raised her hand and said "starfish!"
my niece bebe then rose her hand and said "oh, i got a good idea. how about the seahorse's?"
all the kids started cheering thinking it was the perfect name.
except for..the coach. 
he replied saying that they should come up with something that lives on land.
"cats?" said a little boy.
okay okay, "how about bob cats."
the kids eyes widened. now that was the perfect name.

watching 15 or so 4 year olds run around with a ball couldnt be any more entertaining.
watching their little legs run across the fields.
tripping over their own toes.
walking out of the game whenever they please.
and although it felt as if it was 115* they ran their little hearts out.

it was a blast!
{click on picture to enlarge}

arent their little soccer outfits darling??

Friday, 6 August 2010

the big 20

 23 days until my birthday. 
it seems so odd.
i'll be 20..i dont feel that old.
okay, i know thats not old but i dont feel like i should be 20.
the other day my bro in law told me to never grow up.
and you know what? if i had a choice i think i'd stay 19 for the rest of my life.
i would still like to move on, get married, have children, travel the world.
but during all of that, stay 19.
wouldnt that be nice?

i swear whenever my birthday comes around i can never think of what i want. 
everything i can think of only seems okay or is unrealistic at this time in my life.
two examples: having landon be here for my birthday would make it 10000 times better :(. and, i would love my own house right now. those would probably be the firsts on my list.
thats definitely not going to happen. 

so i've been thinking and i would settle for..
this tool set.
this amazing couch.
this beautiful dress form.
and a sewing table. 

any of those would do me good. 
or a trip to cali. so i can go to the fashion district. 
hmm. i guess i do have quite the list. 
but this year, i also want a beautiful birthday cake. 
although i wouldnt eat it, i'd just get it for looks. 
i guess watching cake boss is getting to me..

 what do you want for your birthday?

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

wednesdays words numero dos

if anyone reads this just keep in mind that landons madre {i speak in spanish because he's learning spanish. hehe} writes him every week so when he replies back to her, you may not have any idea what he is talking about.
just an FYI.

here's his second letter.

that is really weird to have deer at our house. Was chase going nuts? Time is starting to go by a lot faster here. I had a french dip for lunch today and it reminded me of how much dad loved them before sconecutter closed. ha.
Good luck at the Club Championship! I wish I i could be there. Without faith ye can do nothing. So just envision those backside 38's that you love and shoot in the 70's. Good luck! Is trav gunna play too?
I got the package. Thanks! Those socks were much needed. I got a couple letters from morgan and cameron today that were awesome!
Are you guys doing anything for Travs birthday? or grandmas while she is here?
I got a haircut today. i really needed one cause my head was getting huge. it looks pretty but after the lady cut it she literally vacuumed my head..
Tregan sent me pictures of your toes! very cute. I loved getting those pictures.
So the other day in gym we were playing softball and i was on second while my companion was playing shortstop. the ball was hit and he went for the grounder while i was going for the base. Obviously you can assume that i layed him out.. ha it was funny and he is ok. But the story continues the next day: we were playing soccer and i was running sideways to go get the ball. I stopped it so that i could turn around and head towards the goal. Right as i turned, out of nowhere, there was some kid  right at my shoulder that i didnt see until he was laying on his back. he layed on the ground for a little bit before i helped him up. after i helped him up he was still pretty fazed.
On sunday kassen came to the temple. He lost that twenty pounds that he gained plus some. It was nice to see him.
Back to soccer for a second, I scored a goal the other day which was pretty sweet.. and yesturday a bunch of swede's were playing foursquare and being super competetive and i came over and just recked them. They were seriously so unhappy with me. I got tons of swedes out causing them so much anguish.
On Friday we had a little testimony meeting in espanol. I bore my testimony in spanish which was pretty awesome.
Brother Littlefield, who is the father of a friend of mine, talked during our large group meeting. it was pretty cool but he did say one thing that i will share.. Obstacles are like tumbleweeds on the freeway.
Last night we had a devotional by brother kendrick and his wife. she talked a lot about obedience then after the devotional we had a little district meeting and president peterson was in it. he told us a story about when he went on his mission. he said that he showed up to the mission house in salt lake and they would have apostles talk to them. so on there first day one of the apostles walked into a room for of missionaries and the first thing he said was, Don't take things so Damn serious. It was funny that president peterson told this after we heard about obedience for an hour.
Let me know how the club championship goes. Feel free to give me the details about it too if you want Padre. I hope that things are great. I miss all of you. love you!
Elder Johnson

Monday, 2 August 2010


i havent been posting much lately.
i've been doing all sorts of things that i will be giving more details on in the future.
here's a sneak peak..
i've been doing lots of great stuff with these
i went to this cute girls first soccer game
and now i'm currently on an island that looks like this

 life has been treating me pretty well.