Monday, 21 March 2011

weekend loveliness.

{photo by me}
it was a nice, relaxing weekend full of nothing. But, you know what? nothing was just what i needed.
L and i watched 127 hours. havent seen it? it was a good one-time see. it was amazing yet painful to watch what that guy went through.
we also watched The Switch {which i enjoyed} and The Social Network {which i slept through but L liked}
i completely love weekends full of movie watching. i would much rather get some food to go, cuddle and watch a movie in the comfort of my home than to go out to a fancy restaurant and movie theater. 

there's just that warming feeling that everyone gets in their own home that i cant get enough of.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

some of my fav's.

i have some great things up my sleeve. 
things that will be fun to post about. read about. think about. create about.
while those things are underway i had a small request from a close friend to tell what blogs i follow on a daily basis.

i used to have them listed on my side bar but for some reason i thought it made my blog look sloppy. {even though i totally love them on other blogs. i guess i'm just weird or something.}
i can definitely handle one whole post dedicated to my stalking addictions. 
yes, i do think its an addiction. 

these blogs will not be listed in any certain order, i'm just going with what ones come to mind first.

who isnt in love with this blog? i go gaga over all of her incredible clothes. her beauty. her home. her job. should i go on?

yet again another mouth drooling blog. she has the cutest style. the spunkiest dog. the sweetest husband. and just added a new baby girl to the clan. her blog is more of a personal one but hiding behind those keen words are style tips that can be taken to heart.

i get teary eyed just looking at her many pictures. with her youngest baby being, unexpectedly, born with down syndrome she tells about her incredible journey. and believe me, its more than just incredible. she is an amazing writer and lets it all out. love love love.

a mother. an artist. a friend. talented in more aspects of life than i could write. she can plan a party that even martha stewart or her crew would go nuts over. not even joking. and best of all, she's my amazing nanny mom.

simple and creative. she always comes up with fun blogging ideas like her where we ate series. she also has a fun online consignment shop.

first of all, her family lives not too far from mine. second, she is a broadway star. third, she has funny dating/people stories.

i'm in love with pretty much every web design she creates. she is also the creator behind these state pics.

tutorials tutorial tutorials. she is always creating something fun and new!

there are so many more that i adore but i will save those for another day.
now go get your blog stalk on!

Wednesday, 9 March 2011


we had such a fun and successful birthday party for this sweet girl.
i think the picture says it all. she is spunky, fun, sweet, dramatic, enthusiastic, girly and beautiful. i literally took her outside, pulled out my camera and from then on she took full charge. she has the funnest personality, shes hard not to love. 

instead of telling details about the party i think i'll let the pictures speak for me. 

..and she loved every second of it.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

its not a party with out a queen

in order to make the queen B feel well, like a queen B,  a crown was in high demand.
classy and girly. she wont be hard to spot now.
love love.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

its a party!

it's my niece beatrix's 5th birthday on monday.
my sister and i have been having a hay day with coming up with some fun party idea's. 
for the invites we used this same concept but we used fabric and made them look like bows. 

more fun party details coming soon!