Friday, 30 April 2010

things i love

in honor of the weekend i thought i would do a post on
things i currently love

these items via anthropologie

these incredible {re-vamp} pieces of furniture
via this blog

my new swimsuit
that i cannot wait to wear
via urbanoutfitters

happy weekend!

Wednesday, 28 April 2010


why does paint have to be so hard to figure out?
you can go get all the paint swatches you please but once that paint gets on the wall its a completely different color!
okay, okay.
i have known that paint changes color once its on the wall for a long time but sometimes it gets really frustrating.

my oldest sister brittany and her family are moving this saturday.
whats more important than getting all of your furniture to the new house?
she has been trying to figure out what color to paint her bedroom for what seems like 2 weeks.
today was the day she made the final decision.

before we started priming the walls i thought i loved painting.
but boy does it take a long time.
i think after we are done with her room i will need another 6 month break from painting.
bedrooms that is.

thats fine, right?
i think that for now, i'll just stick to painting furniture..
and other regular sized items.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

birthday weekend.

this weekend we celebrated my mr. bf landons birthday.
we literally did something everyday of the weekend.
including yesterday.
which is why i didnt blog.
also, i went a little camera crazy.
beware, lots of pictures :)

heres a little recap of our weekend.

ate dinner at iggys so that we could pretend that we were at the jazz game.
went to dinner at the texas roadhouse.

saw a hilarious comedy.

had a BBQ with landons family and of course..
watched the jazz game :)now for his real birthday.

april 26, 2010.
landon turned 20 years old.
he's no longer a teen.
i cant believe it (wink wink)

we decided to have a little of what we call old fashioned fun and eat at our favorite local restaurant called los hermanos.
they have the yummiest mexican food.
and for what we get, the total comes out to a whopping $8.69
can you believe it?
its pure heaven. this particular visit something kind of humorous happened.
after we were done eating i decided to tell our waitress that it was landons birthday.
she told him congrats then said that they didnt do anything for birthdays.
i knew for a fact that they did stuff for peoples birthdays.we go there almost every weekend.
i was flabbergasted and started to get really hard feelings toward our waitress.
"maybe we wont leave her a tip..?"
ha.right after i thought that i heard a bunch of people start clapping and walking towards us.
"happy birthday to you..."
and saw our waitress holding a little thing of fried ice cream.
she looks at landon and says"just kidding!"
we just started laughing.
she totally tricked us.
that was definitely a star moment of the night.

after the wonderful visit to los hermanos and eating some delicious fried ice cream we decided to go do an old favorite..
mini golfing.
its always so fun.
even funner was us both getting a hole-in-one on the same hole.
and they have dip n' dots.
which we did get to have. yum.
then we came home and had some rainbow jello cake and sang happy birthday to him.

landon loves jello.
so instead of a normal cake..i made him rainbow jello and called it cake.
it was a hit.
and looked pretty.

here are a few pics.landon loving his new watch

los hermanos' fried ice cream

mini golfing & the hole landon and i both got a hole-in-one on. woo!

overall it was a great weekend.
we had a blast.

i really am so thankful for him.
he is so kind.
and thoughtful.
i couldnt ask for anything better.
i <3 him.

oh and ps. i know that the font sizes are all messed up.
usually i'm able to fix it but for some reason, this time i couldnt!
oh well.

Friday, 23 April 2010

wedding shower and a little about brie.

my sister brie and her fiance kelsey have been dating for over four years.
with a 2 year break of course.
and because the two of them both grew up here in utah they both pretty much know the same group of people.
because of that, brie gets to have four wedding/bridal showers.
talk about a lot of gifts.
i guess that would be kind of nice, huh?

yesterday the ladies in my parents home ward hosted a wedding shower for brie.
there was lots of yummy food, fun people and great gifts.

there are many more showers to come.
happy showers everyone!
thats what april is for, isnt it?

PS--i havent done my countdown until the wedding for a while..
15 days!

Thursday, 22 April 2010

do you remember when..

do you remember when i talked about utah's weather in this post?
well, look what the weather looked like this morningpicture via this beautiful lady

it was just 3 days ago when i was..
at the tulip festival.
wearing shorts.

sweating from the glorious heat.
walking barefoot.

and now i have to deal with snow.
snow in april?
shouldnt that be illegal?

okay i think i might be overreacting just a little bit.
the snow melted by 9:45 AM.
but still.
i think i have the right to

what happened to the old fashioned weather?
seasons stuck to their season.
spring was spring.
winter was winter.
summer was summer.
and fall was fall.

now its like spring is winter.
and summer only lasts for 2 1/2 months.
this is why i want to live somewhere that only holds 2 seasons.

okay, enough of my complaining.
i am grateful that i live in such a beautiful place.
and yes, the snow on the mountains does look beautiful.
its just natural for one to want warm weather in april.


Wednesday, 21 April 2010


lately there really hasnt been much going on other than..
wanna guess?
who wants to hear about moving?

not me.
so i thought that maybe i would share with all of you a little bit of fun i (and by i, i mean my sister, her fiance, my boyfriend and i) had at my uncles house a few weeks ago.
my cousin kendis invited all of the 'older' cousins to her house to have some fun on the flowrider.

these pictures arent the greatest but are much needed in this post.
it was SO much fun.
i was a little hesitant at first.
i'm kind of a chicken.
but once i tried it, i couldnt get enough.
seriously, if you ever get the chance to ride one. do it.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010


yesterday my parents took landon and i to the
it was beautiful!
and the weather was incredible.

they hold this tulip festival every year.
yesterday was my first time.
i dont know why i had never gone before.
if you are ever in utah around april 16-may 1 i would highly recommend it.
(sure, 10$ admission just to walk around a garden is a little pricey but i'm sure you wont be dissappointed.)

they even had golf carts and segways that you could rent to ride around the garden.
i think i might go again, just so i can rent a segway.
i think that would be a fun day date.
not to mention kind of romantic, in a weird sort of way.

here is a collage of pictures just to show how amazing it really was.

p.s.-what do you get when you mix:

old coffee grounds?

stay tuned to find out!

Monday, 19 April 2010

weekend and fill in the blank.

this weekend was filled with

a birthday


re-doing furniture

oh, and did i say moving?

and i didnt get one picture.

even though it was a busy weekend and it went by way too fast it was still a lot of fun.

have you ever noticed that once the weather turns warm, every ones attitude flips completely around?
everyone seems to be much happier.
it makes life so much better.

or maybe its just me.
maybe i'm always the debby downer in the winter so i always just assume everyone else is a debby downer as well?

who knows.

who cares.


i thought that since there arent any fun pictures and what blog is fun with out pictures? to show i would copy this blog in doing a fill in the blank.

here we go

1. The first thing I do in the morning is..think to myself, "i am definitely taking a nap when i get home from work." it never happens.
2. Every night before bed I..turn on my fan and a movie. its a bad, bad habit.
3. My favorite thing to do when I'm having a bad day is..never leave my house, watch my DVR'd shows and not talk. yeah, i guess i'm a little dramatic.
4. Something that makes me cringe is..when people pick their scabs. it freaks me out and makes me gag. and plus, it leaves a scar if you pick the scab so why would you do it?
5. Social situations..i hate them. i am not a social person at all, i try to avoid them as much as possible. if im around people i know really well then i do fine but sometimes i think i need to take lessons. i wish i could be that social butterfly.
6. I like to collect..old furniture. its hard for me to pass up an old piece of furniture, i always see major potential in old things.
7. Weekends are for..sleeping, being lazy and having fun.

Friday, 16 April 2010

its here!

its finally here!
i dont think i can express how happy i am right now.
as i write this i read 69 degrees.
mostly cloudy.
looks like its around 45 degrees.
but when you walk outside, its glorious.

now, if you have never been to utah.
bipolar is a key word to our weather men.
not really, i just think it should be.
one day it will be sunny, park weather.
the next day there is a blizzard and 2 feet of snow.

i think mother nature is just trying to teach us a lesson or something.
i dont like it.
but i cant complain.
(right now at least.)

spring and summer are my type of seasons.
i plan on living somewhere that only has those 2 seasons.
but for now this 69 degree weather will have to do.

i was sweating today.
i hate sweating, but today it felt nice.
i was wearing a dress to my knees.
walking barefoot.

i think i'll take my neices and nephew to the park tomorrow.
i'll take them barefoot.
just because we can.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

my own fairytale.

today was my sister brie's bridal pics.
they were taken by the wonderful, amazing, incredible
rebekah westover.

her pictures are breathtakingly beautiful.

i can never get enough of her blog.

we went to a place in Sandy, UT.
la caille

ummm i was BLOWN AWAY.

this place had everything you could ever dream of as a kid.

big long driveway with trees lined the whole way.

ponds with swans.

wild bunnies.




a dog.


willow trees.

romantic bridges.

cute little sitting areas.

a grape vineyard.

and the cutest decor.

it just makes me sigh.

i never knew such a place existed here in UT.
want to see a pic?

i didnt bring my good camera

(which i'm killing myself for)

and my phone didnt do it justice so here are some images from google.see the long driveway??

the main building

those are the best ones i could find.
it was seriously the coolest place ever though.
someday i'll get my bridals done there too.
or maybe live there?..i wish.

you should go sometime, just to look.
maybe it will become your fairytale too?

Wednesday, 14 April 2010


three words.
busy with wedding.

i never knew that not being the bride could be so busy!
with all 3 of us sisters our imaginations run wild.
too wild.
but in the end it all works.

my sister brie's wedding is in almost 3 weeks.

we have been non stop going going going.
i actually like it.
to a certain extent.

with all of us going going going, the beans have to go go go as well.
they. get. antsy.

thank heavens for kenny.
movies in the car.
and of course, the Nordstrom fish tank.
this little blow fish followed bebe around the tank.
over and over and over.
they connected.
it was really cute.

i think i'll start a count down to the wedding.
for my sister of course.

24 days!

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

one mans junk is another mans treasure

i love "thrift" stores.
in utah we dont really have any thrift stores.
(none that i know of at least.)
thats the reasoning for the quotations.
my meaning of thrift in utah is Deseret Industries.
better known as DI.
i cant get enough of the place.
whenever i go there its like my whole world opens up.

the possibilities of all the stuff in there are endless.

i could go on and on.

i found 2 items at DI this last week that i couldnt resist.
one was sort of an experiment so i could practice my "painting skills."
the other just had a lot of potential.

i didnt take a before picture but heres the finished experiment.
it was my first time using a glaze.
i liked this mirror because of the intricate work on the side.
i knew the glaze would grab the detail better.
i think it turned out pretty well!

now for the next item.
this was perfect.

do you like?
i was very happy with the ending result.
i think i'll use glaze on everything i paint from now on.

if you have any other neat painting techniques, i'd love to hear what they are.

Monday, 12 April 2010

time flies when your blog is on the fritz

its been about 3 weeks since the last time i've made a post.
believe me, during that 3 weeks i have come up with 2 posts including pictures and all but of course my blog was on the fritz.
did that make me frustrated?
its been 3 weeks since my last post!
the whole point of me setting up this blog was for me to have some where to express myself.
thanks to the wonderful emily i was able to figure it out.

i'll try to make this post as short as possible but no promises.
i mean 3 weeks holds a long list of doings.
or i guess now they are dones.
above are a few pictures that would probably sum up my last 3 weeks.

landon got his mission call.
i watched the beans
(aka--nieces & nephew but i dont have a pic. of the nephew)
had conference and Easter Sunday all in the same weekend.

and i put my creative skills together by re-furbishing 2 items from the thrift store.
those will get their own post.

I'm sure a lot more went on within the last 3 weeks but nothing too important.
hopefully i wont have a hard time with my blog from now on
continual bloggings from me will come your way.

i hope you all have a nice evening.