Monday, 30 July 2012

one month & happy 24th!

Another week has come and gone and boy is time flying by. People had always told me that once you get married time flies but now that I'm actually living it, I totally believe it. We had a pretty fun week with getting quite a bit done, the 24th of July and our 'one month anniversary'.

For the 24th my family went boating. It was my first time boating this whole season due to wedding plans and work. It felt too good to be out there, I just love it so much. It ended up being a pretty windy day, too windy to actually drive around the lake, even a boat capsized because the waves were pretty wild. So along with many other boats, we anchored in the arena and just bobbed. well, people watched and bobbed. It might sound boring to some people but with my family, as long as we are on a boat we are happy. The next day Landon had a work party with the bank. It was at Castle Park here in Orem and they had all sorts of delicious treats and some incredible fireworks. I'm talking the huge, Is my face going to get sizzled by these massive ashes, kind of fireworks. It was pretty awesome and an overall great time.

On Saturday Landon and I both had to work until the afternoon so we went on with our day as usual. At work I looked and the date and WOW! it was one month from that day that we had gotten married. I couldnt believe it. Because I'm a little bit crazy when it comes to special dates, we did a wee bit of celebrating. We ate at Cubby's for our first time and man was I totally satisfied. I actually really loved it, including the fun atmosphere. Landon didnt love his sandwich too much but he did enjoy the french fries so maybe that made up for it. I would highly recommend.

Overall we got a lot done. My oldest brother and his wife just moved back from living in Colorado for 3 years. While they decide what their plans on house hunting are, they are living at my parents house. Because of this, I was forced ;) to move every teeny tiny little thing out of my bedroom at home. I was definitely not planning on taking everything out of there so now our little apartment is stuffed full of boxes. All of which is my stuff. Its going to take a really long time for me to go through and sort them out especially because I dont know how I'm going to decorate my apartment, and also because I have separation anxiety. haha. I love home decor so much that I have quite the load of it. On the plus side, we did start and almost finish our faux fireplace. It looks pretty dang good if i do say so myself. I am totally pleased and cant wait to get our TV mounted on the wall so that I can get the living room all decorated and feeling like home!

Landon made me breakfast in bed this week, isnt he the best? yeah, I think so. We did have a silly argument about what side of the bed we get to sleep on. I like the right, he likes the right. so every night we have to figure out who gets to sleep on the right. its quite the dual we have going on. All I have left to say is that we better figure out what we are going to do about it soon. oh and that I think I deserve it more than him, being the lady in the house and all.. and lastly, We went on a drive last night to enjoy the incredible nights we've been having here. There was a stunning sunset that I couldn't help but take a picture of, such a good way to end our week and a beautiful way to start a new one.


  1. Thanks for lending us your room, Tregan ;) sorry we kicked your stuff out of it though...not so cool of us

  2. Lovin your posts lately. Come help me spruce up my house!!