Sunday, 16 June 2013

take 3

i have mini battles in my head on the daily about starting up this little blog of mine again. its just kind of funny because after i decide to make a commitment i end up sitting here, blank faced looking at my computer. i literally cannot think of anything to write about or i think way too hard because i feel like you have to be a good writer to have a blog. but, in reality that is far from the truth and i'm just being blinded by some blogs out there that make me feel like i've accomplished nothing in my 22 years of life (although, i still read them on a daily basis..with out fail).

so here i am, i'm back with the idea of documenting the life of landon and i. there will be many run on sentences, paragraphs that dont make sense and lots of pictures that will most likely bore you while including the good, the bad and the ugly (some pretty too) of what marriage brings. because for me and my family, this is us.

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