Saturday, 1 September 2012

22 years

On Wednesday I celebrated my 22 birthday. I have always loved my birthday and this one was no exception. I have thought about how weird it is that I have been driving for 6 years, for some reason that just freaks me out a little. But 22 has always been the age that from when I was little I thought I would officially be "grown up". meaning that would be the age where I knew I wanted to be married, which I am, and the age where I would know exactly what I wanted in my life..that hasn't quite happened really might never happen! and it always seemed that 22 would be just sooo far away. So it's funny that after so many years, 22 is finally where I am at and I absolutely love it! And the fact that my birthday happened to land on my favorite day of the week, I just know that this year is going to be golden.

My mother always does such a good job of making our birthdays the best they can be. She always let's us choose what our special day will be filled with. This year I decided that we would go spend the day in salt lake. Sadly, Landon couldn't miss school or work so he had to miss out on my day of fun so we considered it a girls day.

We ate lunch at an Italian restaurant called sea salt. I had never been but had heard great things so I found it was a safe new bite. I'm pretty picky about my food and it's quality, I'm kind of a food snob, but I can honestly say that I loved it. All the way down to it's last detail, the building was clean, white and downright perfect. Sounds dramatic, but it really was decorated so well, just to my cup of tea. The atmosphere also added to it's greatness. Then the food, so fresh, not too heavy and delicious!

After lunch we headed to city creek and went shopping. Shopping is always a good time so I knew I couldn't go wrong there.

After many many hours we headed home, ate a quick dinner and that's when the real party began. We had the delicious waffle love truck come to my parents house and serve us dessert. No one in my family had ever tried these waffles, including myself, I had only heard about how dang good they were. I mean, the truck itself is so cute that how could you not want it to be at your party? I loved it so much! We all loved each bite and had a sugar high by the end of the night.

Lucky me, my birthday celebration wasn't quite over yet. Because Landon didn't get to spend the day with me on my birthday, we decided to celebrate together that Saturday. Aka yesterday.

Landon took me to ikea and let me have an ikea shopping spree. There was definitely a budget but it was very reasonable considering their cheap prices. I love ikea so much so I had a hay day. We didn't take any pictures, that's how much fun I was having ;)

Landon sure does spoil me rotten. Even in spite of my shopping addiction, he still Loves me. Thank the heavens!

I had such an incredible birthday! I am so thankful for my wonderful husband and family. We created lots of fun new memories and I already feel that 22 is my favorite age yet!

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