Thursday, 16 December 2010

divine body scrub

the second thing i'm giving for christmas is my home made sea salt scrub.
not only is it great for close friends, its perfect for your neighbor too!

 my recipe:
alessi 'fine' sea salt

alessi 'course' sea salt

sadaf  pure grapeseed oil
my fav, lavender essential oil.
a while back when i looked up sea salt scrubs most recipe's called for 1 to 1. so, 1 cup of oil to 1 cup of salt.
i started off with just that but it seemed a little too oily for me so i kept adding both salts until i liked the consistency.
once i was through with that i added the lavender essential oil to make it smell delicious. lemon essential oil would also be a great fresh choice. just add however much you would like then you are finished!

this was such an easy project that took me about 5 minutes. 
you're friends and neighbors will thank you! :)

ps-all of the above products can be found at your local target superstore. 
you can also replace any of those items for whatever brand you would like.

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